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Hazel Trade is a marketplace designed exclusively for developers ready to monetize their tax credits by connecting them to a pool of buyers and sellers of tax credits. A platform that facilitates developers to transact, manage and have access to capital. Our mission is to lower the barrier to entry, mitigate risk and ensure developers get the optimal prices for their tax credits.

Selling a tax credit without a platform like Hazel trade presents the hurdle of locating a tax credit buyer who may not offer the most advantageous price. Buyers also demand a personalized due diligence process, potentially resulting in extended negotiations concerning legal structure and indemnification. Moreover, buyers may seek tax credit insurance to safeguard their investment.At Hazel Trade, our team understands these challenges. We’ve perfected a streamlined, standardized process for facilitating tax credit transfers.


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At Hazel Trade, we understand that the journey of a tax credit, from its inception to its
final transaction, involves more than just buyers and sellers. It requires the expertise of
legal professionals, tax accountants, and insurance companies to ensure a smooth,
compliant, and secure process. That’s why we have built a robust network of service
providers, each playing a crucial role in the lifecycle of a tax credit.

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Tracking the Economic Impact

How IRA Investments Fuel Job Creation and Investments in the USA.

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Transforming Vision into Reality

Imagine a world where renewable energy projects are not just visionary ideas but tangible realities shaping our environment. That’s the world Hazel Trade is committed to building. Join us in this journey, where every transaction is a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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